We do everything we can to protect the landscape, the environment, and the woods: that's why our commitment is now being recognised. 

Swisstainable is the comprehensive sustainability programme developed by Switzerland Tourism and certifies sustainable tourism in Switzerland by analysing various aspects, which are: mobility, nature, water, energy, air, food and waste.

In 2021, the Ferrovia Monte Generoso was awarded the label of Swisstainable level two out of three and the goal for the coming years was to become a level three leader. To achieve this goal, we have dedicated ourselves with commitment and determination, adopting even more sustainable practices and continuously improving our services and daily operations.

The audit of all our activities was then entrusted to the external certifier TourCert - Travel for Tomorrow, a group of experts in tourism, science, environment, development and politics. The resulting certification by TourCert, officially enabled us to achieve Level 3 of the Swisstainable programme, which we are now proud to display and share with everyone. 

The ‘Level III - Leading’ certification by Swisstainable received in 2024 marks an important milestone for the Ferrovia Monte Generoso, which is, to date, the first and only tourist mountain railway in Ticino to have achieved this renowned status!