Our sustainability

Protecting nature, society, and the people who work for us: the Ferrovia Monte Generoso's commitment. The Ferrovia Monte Generoso is part of the Migros Group, founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler. From the beginning, the founder intended not only to make money, but also to serve the common good: that's why we launched a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Our vision? To make Monte Generoso more environmentally friendly in a tangible way. Our mission? To offer an extraordinary experience that respects nature at the same time. Our goal? To improve environmental protection, promoting awareness and dialogue with our employees on these issues.

Areas of strategic interest

Climate & Energy

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Social cohesion

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Our green activities

Clean up partners

Partners clean up day

​​​​​​Clean up day on Monte Generoso with our suppliers, organised to raise awareness of environmental conservation and fight against littering.


Cleaning a natural “bolla”

Our team of employees cleaned up a natural pond on Monte Generoso, removing plant waste and promoting local biodiversity and fauna.


Edelweiss Garden

In the Edelweiss Garden we cultivate this plant, raising visitors' awareness of their environmental importance.




​​​​​​We have adopted the 'KITRO' system in our restaurants, which allows us to monitor and reduce food waste, as well as reduce our ecological footprint.

Health and Safety at Work

We have obtained an important certification for the operational solution of the Migros Group related to "Health and Safety at Work," confirmed by the UFCS (Federal Office of Cybersecurity) and the SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). This success reflects our collective commitment to quality and excellence in our work. We can only thank colleagues from working groups for their tireless contribution to overcoming challenges, implementing improvements, and maintaining the highest standards. The health of our employees is our priority, and this certification attests not only to the quality of our work but also to the recognition of our commitment to providing high-quality services and products to BGL (Group Solution for Occupational Safety and Health Protection) members of the Migros Group. Looking ahead, our goal is to renew this certification in five years, emphasizing the importance of our continuous commitment to long-term success. With constant support, we will together pursue safety and health at work in the Migros Group!


Migros Culture Percentage

An ongoing commitment to funding philanthropic activities and social initiatives for a wide audience. Since 1957, the Migros Group has been committed to allocating some of its revenues to events that nourish the mind and spirit, even in the most difficult times: that's what the Percento culturale Migros is for. The Ferrovia Monte Generoso is proud to be part of it.

We are proud of all our awards

Swisstainable Level 3


Switzerland Tourism's certification for entities committed to sustainability in the tourism domain.

My climate

Swiss foundation that supports nature and environmental protection with donor contributions
Ok Go


Initiative that helps address the travel needs of people with disabilities and the elderly.