Treno a vapore

Our steam locomotive takes a break

With more than 130 years behind, our historic steam locomotive has to take breaks for check-ups. This year, unfortunately, it will not be available to the public because of necessary and required maintenance work. But do not worry: it will return soon, regenerated and stronger than ever!

On the move for 130 years

On 4 June 1890, the first steam locomotive left Capolago for the Monte Generoso summit! Would you like to relive that glorious experience? Then book a trip by steam train and go back in time! 

360° Panorama

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Discover the dates when you can board our steam train: there are select days between June and September. Simply book when it's most convenient for you and your "journey through time" will be guaranteed!


A very special locomotive

Have you always fancied seeing the puff of steam from a nineteenth-century locomotive? Here you can board a locomotive from 1890. There are special rides: find out when it runs!

Discover our history, date by date

Having existed for over a century, we have lots of stories to tell! Are you interested in learning more about the development of one of the oldest cog trains in Europe and the only one in the Canton of Ticino? Here are the milestones of the Ferrovia Monte Generoso! 


Dr. Carlo Pasta builds the first hotel on Monte Generoso: it is called Bellavista

4 June 1890

The Ferrovia Monte Generoso  is inaugurated, which is initially used exclusively by a steam train

27 March 1941

At the initiative of Charles Hochstrasser, Gottlieb Duttweiler buys the Ferrovia Monte Generoso


The Vetta Hotel & Restaurant is built at the summit of Monte Generoso


The Monte Generoso railway is electrified


The Astronomical Observatory is inaugurated on the summit of Monte Generoso, at the patronage of Margherita Hack

Grotta dell'orso

The "Grotta dell’Orso" is opened, which will become one of the most important and popular Ticino destinations for excursions

07 July 2000

Purchase of the Bellavista and the old Hotel "Des Alpes"


The old Vetta Monte Generoso Hotel & Restaurant is demolished in order to build a new structure 

29 March 2017

The new "Fiore di pietra" facility is officially opened

01 August 2018

Lorenz Brügger takes over the management of the Ferrovia Monte Generoso

11 November 2019

The first phase of the replacement of the railway superstructure is underway

03 May 2021

The Observatory is dismantled and preparations are made for its transfer to Gurten, Bern

15 October 2022

The Buffet Bellavista which has been closed since 2013, has been transformed into a typical but modern grotto after a year of renovation.

31 January 2023

The last phase of the railway's replacement is terminated thanks to the 22 Mio investment of the Migros Culture Percentage

The new logo
26 October 2023

The FMG announces the company's new corporate identity and the reopening of its services for the winter season. 

With the wind in your hair

Would you like to organize a special event in Ticino? Treat yourself to a trip on the "Belle Epoque" train car: enjoy a real ‘vintage’ experience! It can be pulled by a diesel or steam locomotive.